You Park Stupid sneaks in a Pentax K-01

So get this, as a goof I started a Facebook Page - You Park Stupid - where people post photos of poorly parked cars. I know that it's a silly idea, but what started out as a loosely connected group of Facebook friends turned into a story on a hyperlocal news site which turned into an small segment on FOX29 in Philadelphia. Watch the video. If you look closely you'll see a Pentax K-01.

NJ Man Posts Pictures Of Illegally Parked Cars: MyFoxPHILLY.com

I think Pentax owes me a Q or something for this product placement!


  1. That's great that it ended up on the news :)

  2. Thanks @Brad. When this thing blows up as the next Internet sensation, I'll be sure to bring the K-01 onto the Colbert Report!