Another gratuitous, "I am riding a cool motorycle in the epic American Southwest" photo taken with the Pentax Q

The teeny Pentax Q hangs around my neck when I ride, the lens protected by a vented lens hood. When I find myself staring at something like this, with one hand I am able to turn on the camera and grab a shot. And then I look down and realize that I'm really low on gas.

The 03 Fish-Eye does quite well here. There are situations where it's actually nice to have a large depth of field, and the sharpness and contrast and IQ aren't bad at all, esp after twiddling some Lightroom knobs. Even the flare from the sun is well controlled. Overall I struggle with the lens; I struggle with fish-eyes in general. But I'm quite pleased with this one. It's likely to be one that I submit for possible publication.

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