It's in the Bag, Bronx Zoo Edition

Via Flickr:
Bringing the longest glass that I have to the zoo, so that means smaller sensors and longer effective focal lengths. The Pentaxes are staying home this time; the longest APS-C glass I have is 135mm (~200mm EQ) and I don't have a zoom for the Q. But I do have the 100-300mm Panasonic with the GH2 for an equivalent 200-600mm. I've got the 14-140mm too (28-280mm EQ) for wider work.

And on the left is the new-to-me Nikon 1 V1 with a trio of lenses - 10mm F2.8, 10-30mm F3.5-5.6, and 30-110mm F3.8-5.6. That's a range of 27-297mm in full-framespeak in a tidy little package. My wife will use the Panasonics and I'll play with the Nikons. We're not shooting for National Geographic or anything so this should be fine.

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