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Andy Roddick trick shot (stop-motion)

Andy Roddick chases down a ball...and returns it between the legs. This is like a trick shot in pool, and always a crowd-pleaser. At Caesars Tennis Classic hosted by Venus Williams @ Atlantic City Convention Hall.

It was funny, because you could tell it was coming. Roddick had approached the net and Safin floated one back and to Andy's right. Roddick chased it down rather slowly, and even before Roddick got to the ball you could hear the crowd taking a collective breath. They instinctively knew, by the timing of it, that something was different was about to happen. They were not disappointed and laughed and cheered at the result.

See it bigger.

Shot with Pentax K-x @ 3200 ISO.

As impressed as I was with the high ISO of the K-x (I expected as much), I was even more impressed by the AF speed and the FPS, both far better than my K20d. Plus, the K-x shutter is so loud that I had people turn around when I rattled off a half dozen shots in rapid succession!

At the end of the day, however, rapidfire shooting will only help so much. When a tennis ball travels at over 100mph, you still need to hone your sense of timing in order to get the shot.

The K-x makes for a decent sports shooter!

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