Somerville Jazz Festival 2012

Somerville Jazz Festival 2012

I gotta tell you, I love my little town. As a kid, I used to come and watch theTour of Somerville, the oldest bicycle race in the country. It was fun, but the town seemed to lack something...a spark. That spark was the vibrancy of downtown commerce. A mall had opened up about a mile from downtown - you can see it from one end of town - and it decimated downtown activity as everyone went to the new place. Shop after shop closed down - antique shops and restaurants and supermarkets - and Somerville could have just laid down and died.

I moved to town about 10 years ago, just as the town was picking itself up, dusting itself off, and fighting back. It's now a destination for people that want to sample some nice restaurants, catch classic cars on Summer Fridays, and catch the new and growing Jazz Festival.

Somerville, you are awesome.

And on the drums, Will Calhoun
Somerville Jazz Festival 2012

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