Pentax K-3: Can it Capture the Hearts and Minds of Budding Cinematographers?

The above is a screengrab from DVXUser.com, a popular video forum. While they've got plenty of sections on ENG style video cams and such, they've also got a booming HDSLR section featuring the front-runners in the space–Panasonic, Canon, and Nikon. Sony's got it's own section for everything from the prosumer NEX to their full-framed F series video cameras.

Where's Pentax?

Every once in a while a Pentax thread will show up in the HDSLR- General / Other section, but not very often. And if you step outside of the Pentax bubble to see if anyone else is talking about the video capabilities of the new K-3, you'll see that absolutely nobody is discussing it on DVXUser.com. Likewise, there's no mention on DVInfo.net, another popular hangout. EOSHD.com does have a thread about the K-3 rumored RAW video, but people aren't holding their breath.

Back in the Pentax bubble there's a lot of chatter about the K-3's video capabilities, and with good reason; it's the first Pentax that takes video seriously. But if DVXUser.com and other online hangouts are any indication, it will take a lot more than competence to win the hearts and minds of budding cinematographers. It will take something cool, a killer app, like RAW video.

Let's hope the spec sheet is right.

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