Reuter's Jason Reed takes a stunning and I mean stunning photo of Ted Cruz

Photo of Ted Cruz taken by Jason Reed/Reuters

This photo simply stopped me in my tracks. I can imagine the situation-a scrum of reporters and photographers jostling around Ted Cruz. And in this madness, a lightbulb goes off in Jason Reed's head, and he gets this angle. Wow. Even the disembodied audio recorders and microphones - the way that they envelope Cruz - is just divine?

I first saw this in a Salon story. I've since discovered that they've used this photo more than once by Salon. And the Chicago Tribune. And the Wall Street Journal. And the New York Daily News. And Al Jazeera. And the Toronto Sun. And with good reason, it's fantastic.

Well done, Jason Reed!

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  1. It's so perfect it almost looks staged! Well done Jason indeed!