What it Takes to be a Pro Photographer.

There are a lot of enthusiasts and amateurs out there wondering what it takes to be a professional photographer. Well, listen closely, because I'm going to tell you, and it's going to blow your mind. It's more important than years of education and training, more important than talent, more important than vision, more important than a good business. You ready...

If you want to be a professional photographer, 

you need to live a professional grade life. 

Now I'm not just talking about a full-frame camera, that is pretty much assumed. I mean that in order to be a pro, you have to surround yourself and your loved ones with professional grade products.

Tuning the piano? Professional Grade!

Closing that next big deal on the phone? Professional Grade!

Making a smoothie? Professional Grade!

Sewing a new set of drapes? Professional Grade!

Calculating your profits or the declination of the moon? Professional Grade!

Grilling in the backyard? Professional Grade!

Testing your reflexes? Professional Grade!

Checking the temperature of your stop bath? Professional Grade!

Burning DVDs of your portfolio? Professional Grade!

Storing leftovers? Professional Grade!

Decorating the nursery? Professional Grade!

Signing your daughter up for ballet classes? Professional Grade!

Purifying the air in your studio? Professional Grade!

Creating your demo reel? Professional Grade!

Replacing the battery in your watch? Professional Grade!

Cleaning the carpets?  Professional Grade!

Adjusting Junior's skateboard?

Selling prints at the local craft fair? Professional Grade!

Torquing the nuts on the GMC? Professional Grade!

Using your Blackberry? Professional Grade!

Tending the beehive? Professional Grade!

Ironing? Professional Grade!

Cooking salmon? Professional Grade!

Putting items on a flat surface? Professional Grade!

Christmas? Professional Grade!

Date night with the missus? Professional Grade!

Sharpening a pencil? Professional Grade!

Whacking weeds? Professional Grade!

Stretching a shoe? Professional Grade!

Filtering the aquarium? Professional Grade!

Brushing snow off of the GMC? Professional Grade!

Aromatherapy? Professional Grade!

Magic? Professional Grade!

Halloween? Professional Grade!

Lighting the dark? Professional Grade!

This, aspiring professionals, is just the tip of the iceberg! As you can see, it takes full commitment (and a trust fund or benevolent 'sponsor') to become a professional photographer. So the next time you see a professional photographer get out of their GMC truck with their full frame camera, respect the hard work, dedication, and high credit limit needed to become a pro!

[This, obviously, is tongue-in-cheek. No professionals or mirrorless cameras were harmed in the creation of this post. Your mileage will probably vary.]

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