My right foot.

My Right Foot
My Right Foot, originally uploaded by john m flores.
I'm shooting more black and white these days. In camera. JPG. I know that it's a bit silly - the sensor after all captures full color, so why not capture full color raw and PP black and white? I'd get more control that way, right?

But this isn't an exercise in image quality, this is an exercise in seeing shapes and forms and contours. So the sooner that you can see the shapes and forms and contours, the quicker you can learn and perhaps try again.

Waiting until you get to your PP app and then start the conversion takes you away from the teachable moment. It works in the long run, but I want to learn faster. Thus black & white JPEGs in camera so that I can review a black & white image right after taking it. And learn. IQ be damned, learning to see is much more important.

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