So long, farewell...

And so the GH2 continues to rock my world and force me to rethink my toolbox. First it shoved the Canon G10 to the sidelines with much better IQ for not that much more size. Now the Pentax K20d has left the building, after nearly 2 years and over 31,000 photos taken. It's in good hands now, a former film shooter that's rediscovering his love of photography. So that's good.

At the end of the day, the GH2 stood toe to toe with the K20d in nearly all measures except for two. It didn't match the K20d's build quality and weather-resistance (as shown here) but beat it decisively in AF. And video of course. So thus the K20d has flown.

Problem is, I've been doing a lot of video lately, which means that the GH2 is stuck on a tripod while I'm capturing stills with my wife's K-x. It's a risky proposition, as the malfunction of either camera would leave me severely compromised. So I need a backup, for both. Ideally that backup could shoot both good stills and good video. The likely options are:

A - another GH2
B - a Pentax K-5
C - a Pentax K-r

still don't know which way I'll go on this...


  1. Wait a week and buy the latest G? model. Panasonic is nothing if not prolific. And rest assured, the next will be better than the last.

  2. Paul Tanjuakio9:04 AM

    I think you should get the K5 if you still have your DA lenses. I know its video is also good just not sure if it betters you gh2. If conditions during your shoot become a bit more challenging for your gh2, The weather sealing and 1 1/2 stop better iso performance of the K5 comes into play.

  3. I am leaning towards the K5 because of my collection of DA* and DA Limited lenses and the gaping holes in M43's lens lineup.

    As much as some would like to see M43 evolve into a fully-featured pro/semi-pro system, Panasonic has publicly stated that their focus will be the GF-style consumer-oriented cameras, not the GH-style models. That does not bode well for those like me waiting and hoping for fast zooms, unless Olympus releases their excellent Zuiko zooms in M43....my, that would be nice...

  4. Have you seen how much those fast Zuiko zooms cost? And how big they are?

    F2.0 zooms sound awesome until you put them in perspective to similar performance from F2.8 on APS-C (regarding photon collection at the sensor and DOF).

    Great blog btw.

  5. @ Fred, thanks for the kind words. Regarding the fast Zuiko zooms - yes, they are full-sized, but speed does have a price, or weight, as it were.

    One of the potential appeals of M43 is that with Zuiko zooms mated to a larger body you can go big and serious, while with primes and the smaller bodies you can go small and light. That would be very nice...