Panasonic GH2 vs Pentax K20d vs. Pentax K-x

Panasonic GH2 vs Pentax K20d vs. Pentax K-x
GH2 with 20 F1.7 @ ISO800, F1.7, 1/60
K20d with DA40 F2.8 Limited @ ISO800, F2.8, 1/20
K-x with DA35 F2.8 Macro Limited @ ISO800, F2.8, 1/25

A new M43 vs an old APS-C vs an entry-level APS-C. Can you tell which is which?


  1. At that size no... except for the changes in focus/depth of field and colour/WB (that don't exactly point to a camera) the photos are identical... :]

    I have a GH1 and a friend of mine a K-x ... If you take price/results consideration K-x is an hell of a bargain (but GH1, and specially GH2, kills in video quality)

    I wonder how you took those 3 shots... my cat would move after the first one with the shutter noise ...

  2. John, thanks for the posts comparing the new GH2 to your Pentaxes! It's most interesting since I also have a K20D, a K-x and am lusting for the GH2 mainly for its video, smaller size etc. But I was surprised to see how small the K-x vs. GH2 size difference is in pictures. I have held a GH2 in my paws, but didn't have a K-x nearby at the time.

  3. @Zeca, it was a decidedly unscientific test, but my general experience with the camera corroborates the findings as well as the DxOMark scores - the GH2 is on par with the K20d in many ways and decidedly ahead on AF, while the much less expensive K-x is a step ahead.

    When I bought the GH2, it was a choice between it and the K-5. The K-5 by what I have seen is a much better still camera, but the GH2 is a brilliant camera for video. My exercise through all of this is to see how much still photo ability I am sacrificing with the GH2; I can do paid work with it. So far, the answer is yes, with some reservations.

    @ Raffwal, the K-x continues to impress. It deserves all of the accolades that it gets. Sizewise, it is bigger than the GH2, but both beg for a small bag, so the difference at the end of the day may be nominal.

    Thanks for reading!