Photography at MOMA

Photography at MOMA, originally uploaded by john m flores.
Tested the GH2 at the Museum of Modern Art. I haven't been here in many years. The expansion and renovation has really opened the place up - the public spaces and walkways are great for people-watching. Great collection of photos here, and a great place to capture some stolen moments...

The GH2 makes for a good street/stolen moment camera. It's small and quiet, and shoots up to ISO1600 pretty cleanly. There were a couple of moments when I with the camera had front and rear dials instead of the rear dial with press-to-toggle. And as I've mentioned, setting the ISO works but it isn't great. I much prefer how ISO is adjusted on my K20d - press and hold the OK button, then spin the front dial until you get to the right ISO.

The reality is that unlike film cameras, adjusting ISO is a regular need, as necessary as adjusting shutter speed or aperture, so any system where adjusting ISO is not super quick needs to be rethought. Even the Pentax system described above isn't perfect, but Pentax actually lets you assign ISO to either the front or rear dial. So in Av mode you can set the rear dial for A and the front dial for ISO and Pentax will set T for you. Or in Tv mode you can set the rear dial for T and the front dial for ISO and Pentax will set A for you.

Then again, I'm probably one of those old fogies that still shoots manual...

The only snafu to the day was that it was started with the battery at 2 out of 3 bars. 10 short videos and 119 photos later and the camera was dead. Seems pretty anemic to me, and shame on Panasonic for having additional batteries for sale. As others have noted, the GH2 battery is different than the GH1 battery, which would suck if you had a 2 camera system based on those bodies.

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