Ever curious. Even at ISO3200.

Traditions are traditions, and Nate must visually inspect all new cameras. He approves of this one, particularly the quiet shutter. He doesn't like the noisy screwdrive AF motor so much, so we'll have to do a lot of manual focusing when close to this kitty. That's, ok, he's surprisingly patient. And usually sleeping.
This clean shot at ISO3200 is precisely what attracted me to the K-01 in the first place - the same Sony sensor that's in the K-5 at a fraction of the price. As good as the Panasonic GH2 is, this shot would be a hit or miss affair. Sometimes the GH2 takes clean ISO3200. Other times the noise creeps in and the color turns to mud.

So while others have slagged the design and derided the lack of an EVF, I've just kept reminding myself, "it's the sensor, stupid."

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