Lost Madonna

Lost Madonna, originally uploaded by john m flores.
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Visited the Cloisters in Manhattan today and was deeply moved by the art there. Part of the Metropolitan Museum, the Cloisters focuses on medieval european art, much of it biblical in inspiration. Here, a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary looks downward upon what experts guess used to be baby Jesus. Jesus is no longer there, but the loving, tender expression on the Virgin Mary's face is exquisite.

Shot with the Pentax K-01 mated to the DA 21mm F3.2 Limited. This was the first real test of the camera. There was much to like about it, as well as some niggles. One thing that is beyond much reproach is the image quality. Even here, at ISO3200 the camera perform wonderfully. The lens takes some credit too of course, but being able to shoot at ISO3200 with impunity is very nice.

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