Red Ruffed Lemur Contemplates

He's probably thinking, "I wish someone would come over and groom me, as this black fur is a PITA to keep clean."

Taken with the Panasonic GH2 mated to the Lumix G Vario 100-300/F4.0-5.6 @ 300mm, 1/40s, f7.1, ISO1600. The in-lens image stabilization is earning its keep here, making a 1/40s exposure at 600mm EQ pretty darn sharp. The camera is handling ISO1600 quite well too. Overall, it's a pretty potent and fairly compact long-lens setup.

Over the course of the day at The Bronx Zoo, I saw a couple of guys with serious Nikon and Canon kit. They could have ended up with better shots, but that's ok. My wife shot with the GH2 most of the day and she seems pleased with what she got, and didn't hurt her back or neck in the process. Afterwards, we met up with a friend in Manhattan, and I had both the GH2 and the Nikon V1 in my little Timbuktu Snoop Messenger (small), along with a total of 4 zooms and a prime, and an iPad. I would have stood out like a sore thumb if I had a big Nikon or Canon kit with me.

But my favorite story is the guy with the monster Nikon lens (looked like an F2.8 mega zoom for sure). The thing had a lens hood longer than my arm, and he stops to take a snapshot of what I presume is his wife and toddler sitting on the bench beside us. He's standing up, pointing down with this monster zoom and he flips up the tiny on-camera flash, which by the looks of it is going to totally be blocked by the honking lens hood. He probably could have taken a better shot with an iPhone. But I digress...

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