Third night in a row in front of MacJournal, cranking it out. May be some sort of personal record and makes me eligible for the Short Attention Span Olympics. Come to think of it, that would be interesting to watch...for five minutes.

Find your voice they say - find your voice? But what if you voice is high and squeaky and prone to waking bats? What then?

I read all this stuff on the Internets, on the blogs and stuff, and there’s a lukewarm temperature to most of it. Yea it may have some pop culture, self-deprecating hipness about it, but it’s all kind of lukewarm. Like this post.

It’s like all the stuff out there is mildly engaging. No more. That’s the top of the bell curve. There’s also the truly awful stuff on one end and the rocket-fueled beat poet bebop group of Hunter S. Thompsonites on the other. There are some good examples, and some typical derivative stuff too.

But where’s the oh my god that is some really tight shit stuff? That’s what I seek. Not the endless parade of fifty cent words that drone on and on. And then on some more. Amateurs facing the blank canvas of the Interwebs and feeling compelled to filling it with every word they can find in the house.

Nor the nonchalant throwdown of four dollar words that you have to go to dictionary.com for. The highbrow stuff written by people that clearly went to very good schools and paid to enrich their word power. That stuff makes my head hurt. I’m looking for stuff that makes my heart ache.

No. no. and no again. I’m looking for the shit that’s short and tight, calculated yet cataclysmic, the stuff that effortlessly reaches into your chest and pulls out your heart, but not in a Rock and Roll, hyper music video kind of way. That’s way too Lenny Kravits for my style.

I’m looking for the stuff that makes me crawl up into a ball and forget that I ever tried being a writer in the first place.

Where is that shit?

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