Warm up

What I’m going to do this year, you see, is use this blog to warm up with before I sit down and do some “real” writing. The hope is that the act of throwing words at the screen will get the blood in my fingers flowing and the ideas in my noggin’ stirring.

Not even a mouse. Not even a mouse would try this, but I figure what the hey what? One thing that I want to really do in my writing this year is to infuse it with more energy. Give it the ‘umph! that it has while jiggling in my head and the sense of urgency that it has while it flows to my fingers. But somewhere between the tips of my fingers and the keyboard it often falls flatly. And up to now, my editing process manages to kill whatever byte of life the words have left as I massage them until all the sharp corners are gone. Flat. Vapid. A collection of fifty cent words connected with penny verbs and under passive constructions.

Ok, so truth be told I don’t think that I’m that bad, but the purpose of this blog - for this year at least, or this month unless otherwise noted - is to let the words leap unabashed from fingertip to LCD. But maybe just perhaps this is the challenge that all writers face? That the writer in their heads is not as good as the writer in their fingertips?

I’ve been playing of late with the idea of English as a second language. My fiancee, after all, teaches English as a second language to kids, children as it were. And what strikes me as rich and worth playing with, is when kids who don’t know all the exceptions that the English language is clogged with, use the rules they know to make funny mistakes. Like, why isn’t “utile” a word? After all, there is futility and utility, why not futile and utile?

I like playing with words. It’s part of my culture. They’re toys you always have with you and never need to put away.

eyelids are heavy. will post and then proceed to Scrivener where I will most likely freeze at the blank screen and then go to sleep...

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