The bearable weight of being

Panasonic GH2 with 20mm F1.7 @ ISO1600, F2.0, 1/160.

When you're in a setting where the light is consistent and you can set and forget the ISO, the GH2 is a quick, light and unobtrusive camera. The shutter is quiet (no leaf shutter quiet, but quiet nonetheless) and the ability to chimp in the EVF and adjust aperture and shutter speed without taking your eye from the viewfinder is really great.

I find myself playing a little game - compose the scene, set aperture and exposure, click. In an instant I see whether I read the exposure of the scene properly, and when I'm in a tough lighting situation and I've nailed the exposure I'm like, "Yes!" It's actually improving my reading of exposure.

(p.s. - thank you Milan Kundera)

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