Panasonic GH2 20mm F1.7 vs. Pentax K20d 40mm F2.8 Limited

Another gear shot. The K20d on the right is no giant, but here it's bullying the little GH2. I did some ISO800 shots last night of our sleeping cat and these two matched up pretty well. The Canon G10 I had lying around lagged behind considerably, and my wife's K-x was just a hair ahead.

The K20d's bugbear is the AF. I struggled in low light. Makes me wonder how I've gotten any shots in focus over the last 18 months. In comparison, the GH2 let me set not just the size of the focus point - to about the size of the cat's eye - but also position the focus point right on his eye. That's a convenience that I've managed to live without my whole life, but now that I have it, would I ever want to turn back?

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