A munchkin eats a munchkin

A munchkin eats a munchkin, originally uploaded by john m flores.
I'm a luck guy - I get to pick up my nephew every Thursday from daycare. If he's been a good kid and given a sticker at school, we go to Dunkin' Donuts and get some Munchkins as a reward. This was a good day!

This is the GH2 paired with the 20mm F1.7. I'm in the right of the shot, holding the camera out and using the excellent flip-twist screen. I had one years ago with the Canon G2 and I'm so happy to have it again. Settings for the camera were 1/100s, F2.0, ISO400.

Since part of the purpose of these shots is to put the Panasonic GH2 through its paces, I'm shooting RAW and then doing minimal processing in Lightroom 3 before pumping them out to Flickr. Dunkin' Donuts has awful antiseptic lighting, which the GH2 handled pretty well. Setting the White Balance in LR3 to tungsten took the red cast away. Also note that posting to Flickr has messed with the colors a little as well a reduced exposure by a half stop or so. In the real photo there is still some detail in the lower-left.

Otherwise the camera has done as well as I would expect with either the Pentax K20 or K-x. Nice sharpness, nice skin tones (when viewed in LR at least), and good OOF. The lens is struggling a little with the light up above, with some magenta and closer to the center and what looks like some cyan in the upper right.

Here's a question - could the Canon Powershot G10 that I have on loan from my brother taken the same shot? Good question. Truth told, I actually haven't taken a lot of candids with the camera, probably due to my fear of higher ISO noise that would creep in above ISO400. The G10 lens is slower (F2.8 at these focal lengths IIRC), but the camera does have a smaller sensor and image stabilization, which would might have made this shot still hand-holdable. I suspect that LR3's improved NR would have made the resulting image usable. I'll have to try next time we go get Munchkins.

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