Serious., originally uploaded by john m flores.
Five years old. Plays a lot of Wii tennis. Watches tennis on TV with his father. Is learning. Fast.

This was tough - shot through a tinted window 20 feet or so above the court that played havoc with WB. Shot RAW and used the eyedropper tool in LR3 to set the WB based on the not-blown-out parts of the court stripes. Had to crop out the reflections from the tinted window, ending up with this interesting, geometric, almost abstract layout. I had to push the RAW file a fair amount, but it's held up pretty well considering the circumstances.

I tried the focus tracking mode of the camera. Seems to work pretty well - once it locks on the proper object, it's fun to watch the little green box follow the object as it moves around the frame. Need to test it a bit more...

Shot with the Panasonic GH2 with 20mm F1.7 @ ISO1600, 1/100 @ F1.8.

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