Welcome to the World, Ila.

Welcome to the World, Ila., originally uploaded by john m flores.
A gratuitous cute newborn baby shot. Makes this cold winter just that much warmer...

Panasonic GH2 with 20mm F1.7 @ ISO800, F1.8, 1/50s


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Great pic! I purchased the GH2 with14-140 a few weeks ago. I bought the camera based of your blog and other forum users experiences. I'm about to have twins (any day now) and wanted to capture every moment with stills and video.

    I am considering buying the 20 1.7 for pics like the one you have posted. How close when you took the picture? Will the 20 have a lot of distortion when to close to the subject.

    Thanks! Danny

  2. Thank Danny. I was pretty close in when I took this shot - maybe 2-3 feet.

    If you take still, the 20mm F1.7 is a must have. I rarely use the 14-140 unless I'm outside in good light, which this winter is not that often. I'm sure that I'll use it more when the weather improves. But I didn't shoot video I might have sold the lens by now. I need faster glass for DOF control, something even more critical in the world of M43.