Jammed Session

Jam Session
Jammed Session, originally uploaded by john m flores.

The local record store Curmudgeon Records had a band play one cold winter night, with music and teen spilling out into the street. The Italo/Argentinean joint across the street turned up their music to counter the thrashing. Good luck with that.

What's cool about the GH2 and the 20 1.7 is that you can carry around with you. It's not a P&S or even a GF-style bar of soap, but it is small and light. I have no problem hanging it around my neck, going out to dinner, and sitting it on the table or a nearby chair while we eat. I'm not (overly) compulsive about hauling it around in a bag. For me, it's basically the equal of my K20d in a package that feels 50% smaller and lighter.

And if you happen upon a punk band thrashing away in a record store window on the way back to the car, you can snap some nice shots at ISO1600.

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