The kids are alright

The kids are alright, originally uploaded by john m flores.

So I live in this small town that's just a slice of America, with a Main Street chockfull of restaurants and small shops. And an honest to goodness record store. On a recent Saturday night, a crowd of teens overflowed onto the sidewalk as a band was thrashing away inside the record shop window.

What I found interesting was the fact that most of these teens were completely comfortable around a camera, not self-conscious in the least. I wonder if this is a generation so used to having its photo taken that someone snapping away just doesn't register on the radar.

The GH2 with the 20mm F1.7 is proving to be a potent combo - small, quiet, and good at ISO1600. I don't really miss the K20d for stuff like this, partially because it's AF was poor in low light (the GH2 has an AF assist light; the K20d didn't), and partially because most of my Pentax lenses are only F2.8.

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