Introducing Alex, and the Olympus 45/F1.8.

Via Flickr:
I've kind of fallen into this tradition - a new lens shows up at the door, I rip it open with the enthusiasm of an 9-year old on Christmas morning, mount it, and then stalk the cats. This time Alex gets the honor, striking a contemplative pose for the Olympus 45/F1.8 for Micro Four-Thirds.

Up until now I've relied upon my adapted Pentax M50/1.7 for video, but it's starting to rattle like an empty paint can with a couple of marbles thrown in. One time I took off the rear cap and the rear element nearly fell into my hand - somehow it had unscrewed itself. So I screwed it back in and kept on shooting with it. But I certainly don't want that happening on a paid shoot, so I needed to demote the Pentax to Plan B while I found a new Plan A. So here it is. And here's Alex, keeping this odd tradition alive.

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