Cameras Aplenty at the Cherry Blossoms of Branch Brook Park

Via Flickr:
Here's a little known fact - there are more cherry blossom trees in Branch Brook Park in Newark New Jersey than the much more famous cherry blossoms in Washington DC. Even on this dull day the park was filled with families, couples, and people of all ages admiring the beautiful trees. They come armed with cameras - dSLRs, point & shoots, and cell phones - and snap away at the beauty around them.

Taken with the Panasonic GH2 with the Super Takumar 50mm F1.4. This is a potent combination. The lens is a bit soft wide open but sharpens up nicely stopped down along with improved contrast. The GH2 is cheap-feeling besides the Pentax K-01 but it's a highly functional tool; after sitting dormant for well over a month, it took no time at all re-familiarizing myself with the control layout. The EVF is chock full of valuable shooting information, but it's a little coarse and the color is off a bit. And just a note about the control dial - many people suggest that two control dials on a camera suggest serious intent. The GH2 has one with a press-to-toggle feature. Works fine for me. Seriously.

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