This will be the cover of Nate's solo album

This will be the cover of Nate's solo album

I've been thinking of selling off some gear, including some more Micro Four-Thirds stuff. I shot them a lot last year but they've pretty much sat on the shelf this year - about 3,000 photos, 700 of which were testing the disappointing 3D lens with a time lapse. The exposure range (thanks Ctein) of the K-5 kind of put the nail in the coffin. That and the loud shutter of the GH2.

In any case, the GF2 and a bunch of lenses was sent off with an old friend and stellar photographer Chip Tilden in February, and now I'm considering selling the Panasonic 14-140mm and 100-300mm zooms. I'll keep the GH1 and GH2 for now as my video tools, but I'll likely be using them with Pentax lenses.

Despite the HD right there on the barrel, the 14-140 isn't my idea of a good video lens. Slow, variable aperture make it suitable for outdoors only, or indoors if you can throw a ton of light at it.

Panasonic Micro Four-Thirds Lenses for size comparison

So before getting ready to sell the 100-300, I took it out for one final spin. And now I don't want to sell it. It's the longest reach that I've got at 600mm equivalent, which gives me some neat layering effects. If I sell it I'll still have the 297mm equivalent of the Nikkor 1 30-100mm with the V1, but there's a heap of difference between 300mm and 600mm. Not only that, but crazy-loud shutter aside, the GH2 is a very nice stills camera. Still. Not K-5 nice, but still very nice. Better than the Nikon V1. And the Q.

I haven't used the lens all that much but I know that the moment I sell it I'll have a need for long glass. Such is life, mine at least.

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