Introducing NewMotor 001

NewMotor 001

We've been busy at WhatBlogIsThis (and by "We've" I mean "I've"), riding motorcycles all summer, working to pay the rent, and with whatever time was left over, launching a publishing empire. After much sweat (well, not really as the office is air conditioned), much tears (ok, not that either), and much coffee (ok, that last part is true!), I'm proud to announce the first issue of NewMotor, a digital publication covering electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel vehicles. It's an iPad publication (for now, at least until a VC comes along and shares my dream of getting NewMotor on the Barnes & Noble magazine rack), and the first issue features interviews with electric motorcycle drag racer Jeff "Dice" Disinger along with interviews with SAAB and Fiat.

So here's the link, and it's free if you download it by Sunday, 11/03/2013.

It's been an interesting ride so far, and it's been a lot of fun combining all of my visual, technical, and writing skills together. Sure, there were times when I wanted to pull my hair out, and times when I couldn't find the right words, and times when either my lack of knowledge or some deficiency of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite or Apple's iTunes Connect drove me batty, but I'm a bit of a multitasker and generalist at heart and comfortable with juggling multiple things at once. So, in a way, doing all of these things together kind of suits me.

From a production perspective, the main photos of the feature were shot by my good friend Sandy Noble with his Fuji X-Pro1. I shot the video segments with my trusty Panasonic GH2 mated to Pentax primes, and I also shot some additional photos with either a Pentax K-01 or Pentax Q. The in car video was shot with a Panasonic LX-7 (with exteriors shot by the Q again). Knowing that my target platform was the iPad helped drive some of the decision-making on gear, as I knew that color fidelity was more critical than total pixels.

We're already working on the next two issues, so watch this space! Thanks for reading!

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