Photos About Nothing

Alex 100%

I've been spending way too much time staring at test shots of new cameras, peering into the shadows of wine bottles and 100% crops of moving objects. Plenty of home office book shelves and backyards as well. And cats. With their tongues sticking out.

Which got me thinking that these test shots have a zeitgeist all their own. They are the trees instead of the forest, pixels not people, noise not signal, and ultimately devoid of any story or meaning other than the technical conclusions that camera buffs pull from the pixels. And the Internet seems to eat them up. So much so that it would be kind of funny to have a show of them.

You humans are funny creatures sometimes.

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  1. Me. Guilty. But I tried to finally make fun of it: http://wolfgang.lonien.de/2013/11/a-fun-competition/