Writer's Block

I'm a contributing editor to RoadRUNNER Magazine, the largest motorcycle touring magazine in the country. I've been very lucky to see large swaths of the United States on two wheels, as well as Europe and the Philippines. It's a great way to immerse yourself in a place while at the same time covering a lot of ground.

While being paid to go on vacation with a press motorcycle and a modest expense account sounds like fun - and it is - it's also work. While on the road I'm constantly thinking of story ideas and looking for photo ops. Once the trip is through, it takes a while to go through trip notes and the hundreds of photos taken before putting together the story.

For those interested, these are my main writing tools

This is my data dump. Every planning note gets put on Evernote and notes about every road, restaurant and hotel/campsite gets put on Evernote. I've got Evernote on my phone, iPad, netbook, and laptop, and the programs smart enough to quietly synchronize all my devices and store a copy on the cloud.

This is my main writing tool. Forget Microsoft Word, Scrivener lets you jot down ideas and organize and re-organize to your hearts content. Writing is a very non-linear process for me, so a tool like Scrivener lets me easily jump around from idea to idea, slowly honing a jumble of words into a story.

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