Cattails (aka Punks)

Cattails (aka Punks), originally uploaded by john m flores.
Another fine performance by the GH2 and the 20mm F1.7. There's a little bit of flare behind the punks in the foreground. I'm going to have to fashion a hood of sorts; something along the lines Pentax's DA21 or DA40 Limited hoods would look very cool on the Panny.

Flare aside, there is some blown out sky in the upper right as well as some patches of the frozen lake. I accepted that in exchange for some detail on the shadow-side of the punks. The fine detail of the little bits of thread hanging off the punks is very impressive. The sensor and lens are resolving impressively high levels of detail.

Again, the Pentax K-5 might have handled this shot a bit better. That comparison will have to wait until I'm able to "sneak" one into the house ;-)

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