Quick Video Test

I shot this after my snowshoe last weekend. Like RIGHT after, as you can see LOL!

Shot in Intelligent Movie mode, which is basically an "I don't know what the heck I'm doing so I'm just going to press this Red button and hope it all comes out nice" mode. This is not like me, giving up total control to the machine, but there are situations where this is helpful, like this one.

There's been a little IQ loss in bringing it online, but as you can see, 720p/60fps is pretty nice in late afternoon light. Compared to the Pentax K-x with it's basic video, it's also nice to have a flip-twist screen and AF.


  1. Hi. i'm from Italy, it's just arrived my gh2 with 14-42mm kit, but i think i want to buy a new lense.
    What kind of lense do you suggest me? i like this 20mm but i'm also fascinated by the 50mm nikon...
    Thank you!
    Nice shot!

  2. Bongiorno,

    The 20mm F1.7 is very nice. 50mm Nikon nice too. It depends on what you like to photograph. Nikon will be manual focus. I say start with the 20 and go from there...