One sleeping cat and a tale of two cameras

Via Flickr:
On the left, the Pentax K-x. On the right, the Panasonic GH2. 100% crops. ISO3200 smackdown! Not much in it if you ask me, both doing a really good job of maintaining the details of fine fur. It is amazing what cameras can do these days. If you jumped in a time machine (say, a Tardis) and went back to 1980 with a Pentax K-x, the world would be blown away by the camera. Everyone would have to crowd around the little display on the back of the camera though, as there wasn't enough computing power let alone software to view JPGs or RAW files. And you'd eventually have to feed the camera a steady supply of AA alkaline batteries to keep it powered. Still, they'd probably make you king.

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  1. They might be somewhat interested in your time machine as well. :-)