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Our modern world is built upon steel, a blend of iron and alloys that spans rivers, reaches for the sky, and carries us into an uncertain future. But the future is by definition uncertain, isn't it?

I bought the Olympus 45/F1.8 because my trusty Pentax M50/F1.7 is finally starting to show its age. It rattles and one time the inner element worked its way loose. I use M43 for video and when I want a lightweight stills kit, and I thought that the 45/F1.8 could fill both roles. But some initial tests with the GH2 show that AF with video is still a hit or miss affair. The 45/F1.8 will usually find focus, but if the subject or camera moves it will sometimes still hunt before locking down. It's not just the lens of course - the body plays a role as well. But the bottom line is that video will still be a MF affair. Besides, the 45/F1.8 is so small that I'll have to jerry rig a way to get a Follow-Focus to work with it.

So for video, I'm settling upon a new-to-me Asahi Pentax Super Takumar 50/F1.4. Fantastic lens. Which leaves the 45/F1.8 as a stills lens. And one that I don't really need. But judging by the pics I've taken so far, I want it. Sharp, nice colors, small. It's really sweet, but most lenses in this price range are, aren't they?

So now I have a high-quality mini kit - Panasonic GF2 + Panasonic 14/2.5 + Panasonic 20/1.7 + Olympus 45/1.8. The whole kit will fit into the space of a single dSLR zoom, or so it seems. I'm tempted to get another GF2 (or maybe the new GX1) and just bring this little kit on my next motorcycle trip. It would be all that I need. I'm sure of it.

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