Rebranding Death, Part 1

Rebranding Death, Part 1, originally uploaded by john m flores.

Via Flickr:
Does anyone else remember those roach motel commercials from the 80s, where roaches could check in but they couldn't check out. Twas a time in the not so distant past when having a noxious concoction of chemicals underneath the kitchen sink and used liberally around the household was standard operating procedure. But we're getting green now, right? Sustainability is the buzzword of the day, and we've all gotta think about the chillins, don't we.

That's the challenged faced by the package designers of Raid, whose very name and Oakland Raider's inspired logo speaks of death and unhealthy things. How do you update such an icon? Simple, add some green, add the word "Earth", throw in some flowers, and put it all in a innocuous spray bottle that looks like it can hold soap or shampoo. The white picket fence is a nice touch too. But that logo is still dark and aggressive, and the flowers and picket fence are kind of offset by the word "Killer".

No worries, the world is filled with talented designers up to the challenge...

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