Here we go again.

Here we go again. Pentax Q with 01 Standard Prime. ISO1600. Nate. Again.

Took some doing to get this shot as the Q's AF is challenged by a finicky cat in low light. The result is surprisingly good though.

Ever since my Ricoh GX100 was pilfered in Rome, I've been lacking a small camera with a built-in intervalometer. I've used a Micro Four Thirds GH1 for some, but the need for a remote tether and the larger physical size makes it less than ideal for my motorcycle photography. I've tested POV cams like the ContourHD and the DriftHD as well. They are more for video than stills, so their still IQ isn't all that great. I've even tried mounting the K-01 to a small articulating arm, but it's too "big boned" for this kind of application.

So the list of small cams with intervalometers is small. There's the Nikon 1, but the shortest interval is 30 seconds. No go. Canon with CHDK? Maybe. Ricoh GRD or GRX? Maybe.

But then the Q prices started dropping like the skirt of a two-bit lady of the night (that is to say, quickly and without much provocation), so I bit. The camera, not the aforementioned ladyperson.


  1. Yes the Q has taken over for my departed Ricoh GX200. The size is just right.

    1. Those GX cameras were brilliant, weren't they? I remember paying a 50% premium for the GX100 over comparable Canon and Panasonic models, but that was forgotten once I had it in my hand and it felt and worked like a real camera.