Street Musicians, Tadoussac, Quebec

In the past I've dismissed the K-01 as a serious video tool, but I was glad that it shoots video at all when I stumbled into this:

Street Musicians, Tadoussac, Quebec from john flores on Vimeo.

It was dark and getting darker quickly as I enjoyed the street music. I started shooting at 8:55. I was pretty far North close to the Summer Solstice so that helped. The stills that I took ranged from ISO3200 at the start to ISO12800 at the end. That's two stops of light loss in the span of fifteen minutes or so of shooting. This video was shot at ISO3200 IIRC. 1080P. F3.2, 1/50s. Handheld. IS helped out for sure.

The lead vocalist is from New Orleans. The bearded guitarist is from Montreal. It would be so cool if they eventually saw this. Please share this with your musician friends and see if we can connect.

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