Nikon V1 at the Central Jersey Jazz Festival

Took the Nikon V1 to the Central Jersey Jazz Festival. Last year it was the Somerville Jazz Festival, but they've teamed up with New Brunswick now and have beefed up their lineup and marketing. This year's crowd was much bigger, but it was still a really fun, low key event, with everyone sitting in camp chairs on the closed-down street and on the lawn of the country courthouse.

The Nikon V1 was totally in its element–good light, good subjects. I laughed inside at the few that I saw hauling full frame gear–boy their backs must ache LOL. I did shoot some video, which I'm going through now. Here are some stills for now. V1 with the 30-110 zoom.

Donald Harrison @ Central Jersey Jazz Festival
Donald Harrison

Marcus Strickland @ Central Jersey Jazz Festival
Marcus Strickland

Christian McBride @ Central Jersey Jazz Festival
Christian McBride

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