Local Man Deludes Self Again, Pre-Orders Nikon Df

And with a click of the mouse, it was done. Local man Brett Boghus has just pre-ordered the new Nikon Df, just hours after it’s official announcement.

“This is the last camera I’ll ever need. It’s got all the features that I want. So the right thing to do is to pre-order it now at the listed retail price because if I don’t, I might not get one from the first shipment and will probably have to wait weeks for it to come. With the holidays coming up, it was prudent to order it now, especially since family is coming in from out of town. I’d hate to miss photos that happen just once in a lifetime.”

The new camera makes his current camera, with which he has taken thousands of good photos (some good enough to post on online discussion boards, others good enough to even print!), now appear wholly inadequate for his needs. When asked if he couldn’t just use his current camera for the holidays, Boghus responded. “I guess that I could, but the new Df has so many more megapickles, better AF, and more ISO than my current camera. I’m sure to get much better shots of Uncle Albert slicing the turkey.” Boghus’ current Nikon camera, a Nikon D700, was well-regarded in its time, but Boghus is clearly looking forward to the new Df. “I compared some test shots of the Df against the D700 and the improvement in ISO12800 shadow noise is quite noticeable at 100%. The candlelit cranberry sauce doesn’t stand a chance this year!” Bhogus said with near childlike delight.

Bhogus was last seen at his computer, tracking his latest camera purchase. “It hasn’t shipped yet, but I’m curious to see if it comes from the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Carlisle, PA. That’s where my Fuji X-Pro1 was shipped from.” Bhogus is having the package sent to his office, for obvious reasons.

More camera "news" can be found on NewCameraNews.com


  1. Haha, brilliantly written!

  2. Man i can feel Mr. Boghus's joy already!